I’m going to talk about my niece, Julia. She turned nine years old just last week and has a sister who’s two years younger. She’s the oldest child of my mother’s brother and lives with her family in Lisbon, Portugal. Since I reside in Berlin, I don’t get to see her too often - maybe only once or twice per year. The last time I saw her was about 6 months ago when I had to travel to Lisbon for some work on behalf of my company. If I think about what she’s like, I’d say that she takes after her mum. She has the same facial features and tries to copy whatever her mum does. She’s very much into solving puzzles, which I think reflects her natural curiosity to solve things and to see them in a new light. She’s also very mature for her age. For example, her parents feel quite comfortable leaving her in the house to watch over her little sister. Because of all of this, I think that she’s a very special child and actually, I feel very proud to have her as my niece. In fact, I love her as if she’s my own child, and sometimes I even spoil her with my affection. I often get puzzles for her whenever I visit her house, and it overjoys me to watch her having a whale of a time as she opens up that puzzle box and gets to work.


Past Tense
Present Tense
Future Tense
Active Voice
Passive Voice

My Questions for you:

1) Have I made the correct breakdown for the items listed in the Legend?

2) Have I missed coloring any items in the passage that I've listed in the Legend?

3) At some places, I'm confused about the correct use of helping verbs. I'm not sure if I'm consistent in the color-coding of the passage. Can you please tell me if I am consistent?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to make this passage easy to understand for people by breaking down its various components. But I just wanted to double-check with you folks to avoid any errors and to improve the quality of the work. Thank you.

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