At present, Englishforums does not have its own Chat feature, so we use a Chat feature provided by Chatango. In order to use this feature you must first be registered with Englishforums, and then set up a separate account with Chatango. Here's how to do it.

There are two ways to get to Chat:

Option 1: On the blue menu bar at the top of the page click on to the right of Students.


In the drop-down menu that appears, click on either /CHAT≫ or Live Chat


Option 2: On the blue menu bar at the top of the page, click on Forums.


Look on the right hand side for Chat (just above Your Posts)


You should see a page that looks like this (See *below if you do not see the chat box).

Click on Set Name at the bottom right.

You will then see a pop-up log-in box. Click on Sign up.

This will take you to a sign-up screen. Fill in the boxes.

(Note: Chatango stores passwords in plain text. It is strongly recommended that you don't use a password on Chatango that you use elsewhere. (FYI, salts and hashes member passwords))

*If you do not see the chat box:

1) For some reason Chatango does not work in all browsers. It works in Chrome (and similar browsers such as Chromium, Slimjet, etc.), Firefox, Edge, Vivaldi, Pale Moon, SeaMonkey, and newer versions of Opera. It does not seem to work in Internet Explorer, Midori, early versions of Opera, Arora, and Qupzilla.

2) If you are using a cookie blocker such as Ghostery, Disconnect, or NoScript you may need to enable cookies to use Chat.

3) Check your browser's cookie settings. If you have your browser set to block third-party cookies it will block Chatango. You will have to allow third party cookies, or add [*.] as an exception.

  • In Chrome: click on on the far right of the title bar at the top of the browser page→Click on SettingsScroll down to the bottom and click on Show advanced settings...→Under Privacy click on Content Settings→Make sure that Block third-party cookies and site data is unchecked, or click on Manage Exceptions and add [*.]
  • In Opera (newer versions): Hit ALT+P to go to Settings→Click on Privacy & security→Under Cookies make sure Block third-party cookies and site data is unchecked, or click on Manage Exceptions and add [*.]

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